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Special offers

 With the new management we have returned to the old way, the hospitality typical of the Lat azzurro, that of the first administration from 1997 to 2010, together with the experience of the past management of the last four years, which has enriched us to an excellent restaurant with a good cook. Tonino, Emanuele, Federico and all new staff are waiting to see what's new and / or relive the excitement of the past here in S.Erasmo, offering you their experience, their work, at the prices of hospitality of 4 years ago!

But not enough: to old friends, who already attends the Lato azzurro and  return we offer special discounts and dedicated: try to contact us, tell us when you've been and how it was then. We will respond with amazing exclusive offers, designed for Your needs. So do not hesitate: write to: or call us at 0039 0415230642. We look forward to seeing you again!

Half Board (per person)

in single  € 75,00

in double € 60,00

in triple € 55,00

in quadruple or multiple € 50.00


BuonPasto !

For those who sleep at least three nights in the hotel, our restaurant offers a 20 % discount on meals!



Schools and groups of minimum 20 people

For groups half board is expected , while for students the same price also allows the packed lunch . Individual prices . Overnight in multiple rooms .

1 day: 55,00 €

2 days: 98,00 €

3 days: € 145.00

4 days: 180,00 €

5 days: 220,00 €

6 days: € 250.00

one more day:  40 euro per person .

Free for 1 companion every 15 people

Only B&B:
1 night  35,00
2 nights   65,00
3 nights  95,00
4 nights 125,00
single supplement euro 15,00.
Free for 1 companion every 15 people


Feeling like winter!

The heat of summer, we plan a nice vacation in Laguna for this winter!


Three nights for the price of two offer is valid 9 to 24 December 2015, 7 to 23 January and again February 10 to 28!

Offer valid for bookings made directly from


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Special offers