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VENICE CARNIVAL: Every year, the squares and the streets are full of the wonderful and joyous Carnival. Open air dancing, theatrical performances, music, many types of street performers, and people in costume invade the city by the thousands.

FESTA DELLA SENSA: This traditional holiday is celebrated on ascension day and recalls the ancient Venetian “marriage” of Venice to the Adriatic Sea. A  procession of splendidly decorated boats go towards the Lido island and throw a wreath of flower symbolising a ring into the lagoon. In this way the Venetians remember their union with the sea. The celebration is followed by an historic parade of boats along the Grand Canal and rowing competitions between the gondoliers.

FESTA DEL REDENTORE: Every year, on the third Sunday of July, the Venetians celebrate the Redeemer’s feast in remembrance of the end of the plague of 1576. A long pontoon bridge is built that leads Venetians and tourists to the Redentore church on  the Giudecca island. St. Mark’s Basin fills with colorfully decorated boats in anticipation of the evening’s spectacular fireworks display over the lagoon.

THE VENICE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL: This International Film Festival takes place every year between August and September at the Palazzo del Cinema on the Lido island. The judges, made up of great celebrities, award the best film with the famous Leon D’oro.

THE BIENNALE ART EXHIBITION: This international art exhibition takes place every two years between June and October.
This year opening from 9 May to 22 November! The artwork comes from all over the world and is exhibited throughout the city, its palaces and islands. The main show is at the Castello Gardens where you can see the different countries’ pavilions.

LA REGATA STORICA: On the first Sunday of September,  the Grand Canal hosts the most spectacular rowing event in Venice, with a costumed historical boat procession and rowing races.

FESTA DELLA MADONNA DELLA SALUTE: Each year, on the 21 November the Venetians celebrate one of the most popular anniversaries. In fact in remembrance of the end of the plague which ended in 1630, Saint Mary’s Church was built. A pontoon bridge connects the districts of San Moisé and San Mary Zobemgo, starting from Saint Marco and crossing the Grand Canal.

LA VOGALONGA: The most popular non-competitive rowing race of the year. The run is 30 km. long and crosses all the main Venetian canals and islands.

THE VENICE MARTHON: The official marathon that many famous athletics of international level take part in. The run goes along the Brenta River, with the finish line in St. Mark’s square.

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